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The process of rotomolding 2
Jan 28, 2018

Heating: put the mould which is loaded with material into the heating furnace (or heating with other heat sources, such as gas and flame), the temperature of the heating furnace is set above the melting point of the resin, and rotate along the main and the two axes which are perpendicular to each other at the same time. In the process of rotation to mold heating to a predetermined temperature insulation material in the rotation, heating gradually melting, heavy orange in the die cavity on the entire inner wall and the material into the gas gradually eliminated, until forming good parts.

Cooling and setting: when the resin is fully melted, the mold is transferred to the cooling chamber, cooling, where one side continues to rotate, and one side is cooled by forced ventilation or water spray.

Demoulding and cleaning die: the former should avoid damaging products while demolding, while the latter should clear up the remaining materials and debris on the die, so as to prepare for the next forming cycle.