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The process of rotomolding 1
Jan 27, 2018

The basic process of rotational moulding is very simple, is a powder or liquid polymer placed in the mold, heating at around two vertical axis rotation (rotation and revolution).

Coated release agent: the mold is coated with release agent so as to facilitate the removal of products from the mold, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of product damage due to the great adhesion between products and dies.

Installation of inserts and related forming accessories: insert parts mainly enhance parts' function. Molding accessories mainly point out modules for forming rib or special parts. They must be properly installed before new materials are added to moulds.

Loading: the addition of material should be strictly measured before the addition of additives, the relevant components need to be premixed. The weight of the powder resin needed for the final part is precisely weighed, the bottom of the separate mould is added, and the 2.5 modes are fastened together and mounted on the bearing shaft.

Close die: before closing the die, we should pay attention to removing the remaining materials at the closing die, and ensure that the split surface is close and perfect, so as to avoid the material leakage in the process.