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the advantages of rotomolding
Feb 06, 2018

Design advantages

Compared with other mold technology, rotational molding process gives us more design space. With the right design philosophy, we can combine several parts into one complete mold, which drastically reduces high assembly costs.

The rotomolding process also includes a series of inherent design ways of thinking, such as how to reconcile sidewall thickness and how to enhance the external settings. If you also need to add some additional design, then we can also strengthen the ribs to add this part of the design.

The rotomolding process infuses designers with an endless imagination. Designers can choose the best make-to-order ingredients in the manufacturing process, including various materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Add in the production process additives can effectively resist the invasion of the climate, electrostatic interference and other external objective factors. In the design process, insert the mouth, thread, handle, the collapse of the device, the perfect surface design is one of the Aspect. Designers can also design multi-wall mold, the interior can be hollow, it can be filled with foam.

Cost advantages

As costs have also become one of the factors we consider, rotational molding is more market competitive than other types of processes. Compared with the blow molding process and injection molding process, the rotomolding process can more easily and cost-effectively produce parts of different sizes. His mold is also much cheaper because it does not have a few inner cores to make. And in the absence of an internal core, a little change can be made into another model.

Because the various parts of the process are ultimately formed under high temperature and rotating process, unlike the parts formed under heavy pressure, the rotational molding mold does not need to be specially processed like the injection molding process Withstood the test of weight.