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The features of rotomolding technology
Jan 25, 2018

1) the product has uniform wall thickness, no corner waste and no weld line, and products with larger wall thickness can be formed, such as polyethylene rotary molding parts, the wall thickness range can be within 1~16mm. But because of the relationship of viscosity, the molding of thick wall products is more difficult. The rotary molding process is especially suitable for molding 2~5mm plastic products.

2) usually only hollow products or shell products can be made, and it is difficult to process solid products. And the surface condition of the product has great dependence on the mold cavity surface.

3) the dimensional precision of the rotating molding products is low, and the size accuracy is usually 5%.

In the forming process

(1) suitable for molding large and extra large parts. Because the rotational molding process only requires the strength of the frame to support the weight of the material, the mold and the frame itself, and to prevent the closing force of the material leakage. Therefore, even if processing large and super large plastic parts, there is no need to use very bulky equipment and dies. Therefore, in theory, the products made of rotary molding process have almost no upper limit in size.

(2) it is suitable for the production of many varieties and small quantities of plastic products. Because the structure of rotational molding is simple and the price is low, it is very convenient to transform products.

(3) the large hollow products which are suitable for complex machining shape are incomparable to other forming processes.

(4) it is easy to change the color of the plastic products. When it is necessary to change the color of the product, it is only necessary to clean the mold.

(5) the main disadvantage is: rotational molding of high energy consumption, the reason is that in each molding cycle, mold and mold need to undergo repeated heating and cooling; forming a longer period, due to mainly rely on the static plastic heat conduction, therefore the rotational molding long heating time; labor intensity is big, product size precision.