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roto mold plastic fuel tanks

  • Plastic Ice Cooler Box For Sale

    Contact NowPlastic Ice Cooler Box For SaleAdvantages: 1) Rotational-molded ( roto-molded ) technology ensure impact resistance and long-term durability. 2) One-piece, seamless construction, have no seams to fail, leak-proof. 3) Food grade LLDPE material, non-toxic, UV resistant, both hot and cold resistant, corrosion-resistant. 4) Thick...Read More

  • Plastic Cleaning Machine Floor Scrubber Shell

    Contact NowPlastic Cleaning Machine Floor Scrubber Shell1) Economic tooling costs. 2) One-piece construction. 3) Weight reduction-as compared to most metals. 4) Uniform wall thickness-nothinning in the extremites. 5) Thickness can be varied if required 6) Variety of finishes and color. 7) The ability to produce multi-wall moldings. 8) Design flexibility-from small and intricate to large and complex. 9) Metal inserts as integral parts. 10) Short lead-time. 11) Resistance to stress-cracking and corrosion.Read More

  • Roto Plastic Play House

    Contact NowRoto Plastic Play House1) The main material: imported PE raw materials 2) Colors: per customized 3) Performance: One-piece forming, no weld or joint failure, smooth internal and external surface, excellent hygienic properties, UV stability for outdoor applications, anti-collision, strength and vibration, anti-aging, perfect algae control, easy Cleaning, rodent prevention and termite preventionRead More

  • Plastic Foam Case

    Contact NowPlastic Foam CaseFeatures: ready-made foam rubber inlay for GoPro Hero and many accessory parts suitable for the mantona Outdoor protection case S pre-machined accessory compartments for suction cup, chest belt, powerpack, remote control, screws, cabdoors, and many more. safe transportation of all accessories...Read More