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Rotomolding plastic long stool

  • Single Seat Plastic Canoe For Sale

    Contact NowSingle Seat Plastic Canoe For Sale(a)SPECIFICATION ( b)ACCESSORIESRead More

  • Picnic Baskets Multi Function Best Cool Box Roto Mold Plastic Cooler Box Picnic Camping Outdoor

    Contact NowPicnic Baskets Multi Function Best Cool Box Roto Mold Plastic Cooler Box Picnic Camping OutdoorHomda cooler box combines versatility with durability. Our roto-molded construction makes this cooler virtually indestructible — it can take a serious beating outside the stadium or in the bed of your truck without sacrificing on performance.Read More

  • Plastic Pontoon Boats Seats

    Contact NowPlastic Pontoon Boats SeatsMain product: Rotomolding process,Rotomolding Machine,Rotomolding,Rotomolding Equipment,Rotomolding Machinery,Rotomolding Mold, Rotomolding Technology,Rotomolding Products,Rotational molding,Rotational molding machine, rotomolding machines in China. Product features: 1.Use of imported high...Read More

  • Plastic Water Tanks

    Contact NowPlastic Water TanksColor Tank reduces algae growth within water tanks and blends in with the environment. UV Stabilized (you can use our water tanks outdoors). Excellent impact resistance Water tanks come complete with female threaded inlet/outlets* and a vented twist entry. Maintenance free, made to last....Read More

  • Plastic Handrail For Billboard

    Contact NowPlastic Handrail For Billboardmaterial:LLDPE size: 1161*59.7*177mm weight: 1.4kg color: customized shaping method: rotational moldedRead More

  • Roto Plastic Waste Bottle

    Contact NowRoto Plastic Waste Bottle1) The main material: imported PE raw materials. 2) Colors: Customized 3) Performance: One-piece forming, no weld or joint failure, smooth internal and external surface, excellent hygienic properties, UV stability for outdoor applications, anti-collision, strength and vibration, anti-aging, perfect algae control, easy Cleaning, rodent prevention and termite prevention 4)Customize acceptable, welcome for your drawingRead More

  • Plastic Gas Tank For Motorcycle

    Contact NowPlastic Gas Tank For MotorcyclePlastic gas tank for motorcycle Why choose rotomolding plastic gas tank ? 1)The cost of plastic rotational molding is low. For products in the same size, the cost of rotational mold is about 1/3 or 1/4 of that of blowing or injection mould. 2) Plastic rotational products have strong edge, from...Read More

  • Plastic Chemical Waste Container

    Contact NowPlastic Chemical Waste ContainerRefuse containers must survive some of the most abusive commercial environments on earth, Containers must provide years of service and features that prevent penetration by insects & rodents, protection from cleaning and sanitizing agents, must remain unchanged with long term exposure to...Read More

  • Plastic Fishing Cooler Box For Boat Marine

    Contact NowPlastic Fishing Cooler Box For Boat MarineIf you need a high performing cooler or ice chest for fishing, hunting, camping, boating or wherever and whenever keeping food and drinks their coolest is the highest priority, this one is hard to beat. We have invested a lot in research and development to bring you the same features, quality...Read More

  • Plastic Refuse Containers

    Contact NowPlastic Refuse ContainersHOMDA refuse containers set the industry standard for refuse, recycling, and yard waste collection – offering 3 sizes to meet individual demand. The cans are available in two different types of plastic. The Crosslink plastic is very durable but the plastic is not recyclable. High Definition...Read More