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Rotomolded plastic urea tanks

  • Plastic Handrail For Billboard

    Contact NowPlastic Handrail For Billboardmaterial:LLDPE size: 1161*59.7*177mm weight: 1.4kg color: customized shaping method: rotational moldedRead More

  • Plastic Fuel Container

    Contact NowPlastic Fuel ContainerPlastic fuel container This Auxilary tank plumbs into the OEM Fuel tank for a total of 12 gallons. Tanks may both be filled using OEM Filler or they may be filled individually, the fuel automatically transfers back and forth between the tanks, no additional steps necessary. The tank is also...Read More

  • Rotational Molded Polyethylene Plastic Feeders For Animal

    Contact NowRotational Molded Polyethylene Plastic Feeders For AnimalHere are just some of the other awesome products we have custom designed ourselves here at Global: Troughs and Feeders We have a wide range of troughs and feeders that are purpose built to withstand the tough Australian conditions. From a 200 litre linear trough to a 2000 litre round trough , we...Read More

  • Rotational Plastic Boat

    Contact NowRotational Plastic BoatThe main material: LLDPE food grade raw materials Common colors: white, blue, black, light yellow. You can order or decide on it Performance: Single-piece molding, no weld or joint failure, the inner and outer surfaces are smooth.Excellent hygienic function, suitable for outdoor applications of UV stability, anti-collision, strong anti-vibration.Anti-aging, perfect algae control, easy to clean, prevent rodents and prevent termitesRead More

  • Plastic Lockers

    Contact NowPlastic LockersPlastic lockers are the ultimate solution to your school, gym or staff change room locker requirements and are the smart alternative to rusting and dented metal & wire cage lockers! They are maintenance-free, professional looking, robust, ultra hygienic and supremely durable. EASY TO INSTALL...Read More

  • LED Roto Mold Plastic Lampshade

    Contact NowLED Roto Mold Plastic LampshadeThe advantages of our rotomolding: 1) rotational mold for high quality,Economic cost, short lead-time 2) Various texture : polished, sand blast, teflon coating 3) The edge of rotational molding products can reach more than 5mm 4) variety of inserts can be placed to rotational mold. 5) Design...Read More

  • Plastic Mail Box

    Contact NowPlastic Mail BoxCode LW530 Dark Green/Light Green Front $132.50 LW531 Red/Black Front $132.50 LW532 Grey/Black Front $132.50 LW533 Yellow/Black Front $132.50 LW534 Blue/Yellow Front $132.50 Accessories LW1152 50mm Red Street Number $4.05 Width 310mm Depth 530mm Height 330mm U.V. & impact resistant...Read More

  • Hdpe Fuel Tanks

    Contact NowHdpe Fuel TanksPicture yourself riding into the sunset and you imagine the ride, not running out of gas. Take a big step towards making that a reality with Homda’s increased capacity fuel tanks. Homda fuel tanks are constructed of polyethylene with capacities significantly larger than stock for the extra range...Read More

  • Plastic Water Tanks

    Contact NowPlastic Water TanksColor Tank reduces algae growth within water tanks and blends in with the environment. UV Stabilized (you can use our water tanks outdoors). Excellent impact resistance Water tanks come complete with female threaded inlet/outlets* and a vented twist entry. Maintenance free, made to last....Read More

  • Custom Plastic Air Blower Shield High Quality Blower Machine Shell Fan Cover

    Contact NowCustom Plastic Air Blower Shield High Quality Blower Machine Shell Fan CoverCustom plastic air blower shield high quality blower machine shell fan cover Rotomolding blower shell, easy to operate and carry, great benefit to floor drying treatment in public place such as shopping centers, hotels, subways etc.Read More