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Poly fuel tank

  • Plastic Fuel Tanks For Marine Boat

    Contact NowPlastic Fuel Tanks For Marine BoatHappy New Year for 2018.Thank you for visiting us.We are a professional manufacturer of rotomolding plastic fuel tanks,gas tank,gasoline tank,fuel can,gas can,fuel case,gas case for marine boat,for truck,for forklift engineering construction,for generator sets,for motorcycle... Used by leading...Read More

  • 4000 Litre Plastic Water Tank

    Contact Now4000 Litre Plastic Water TankThis Industrial Grade Tank is made from rotationally molded UV stabilized polyethylene for durability. The tank comes with a large 24" screw lid and a choice of either no outlet, 1" , 1 1/2" or 2" BSP. Increased wall thickness for Specific Gravities of contents between 1SG – 2SG are available.Read More

  • Plastic Oil Tank

    Contact NowPlastic Oil TankWHY CHOOSE ROTATIONAL MOULDING FOR YOUR FUEL TANK ? ♦ Cost-effective tooling ♦ One-piece construction: Durable, strong, stress-free products ♦ Can produce complex shapes ♦ Uniform wall thickness with stronger corners, which increases parts strength and integrity ♦ Seamless: High-impact strength...Read More

  • Fuel Tank Plastic

    Contact NowFuel Tank PlasticManufacturer of fuel tank plastic diesel tank gas tank We are experienced in the Agriculture, Construction & Heavy Truck Industries Between the agriculture, construction and heavy truck industries, Homda manufactures several thousand diesel fuel tanks each month. In addition to rotationally...Read More

  • Plastic PE Marine Fuel Tanks

    Contact NowPlastic PE Marine Fuel TanksA tank design that virtually eliminates fuel evaporation and loss by containing fuel vapor within the tank instead of venting it wastefully to the atmosphere. It's better for the environment and will reduce fuel costs as all the fuel you purchase stays where it belongs—in your tank. Similar...Read More

  • Go Kart Fuel Tank

    Contact NowGo Kart Fuel TankPlastic 2qt tank for gasoline or methanol. This tank does require a hole to be drilled for the valve to be inserted. A partial hole is started (located on opposite end of the fuel cap). It is recommended to use a sealant or sealant tape when installing the valve. Dimensions: 7-1/2" L x...Read More

  • 450 Liters Square Medicine tank

    Contact Now450 Liters Square Medicine tankMolding: Rotational molding Wall thickness: 6mm Material: LLDPE Size: 850 * 750 mm Height: 870 mm Capacity: 450L Appearance: square Uses: chemical preparations, chemical raw materials, all kinds of oil, drinks storage, transportation Suitable temperature: -20 ° to + 60 ° Or can be customized,welcome to consult details.Read More

  • Plastic Fuel Tank

    Contact NowPlastic Fuel TankPlastic fuel tank diesel tank Diesel fuel tanks are molded using cross-linked high density polyethylene or medium density polyethylene. They are used in a variety of applications such as construction equipment, tractors, commercial vehicles, generators, and more.Read More

  • Portable Rotomolded Plastic One-time Customize Gas/fuel Storage Tanks for Sale

    Contact NowPortable Rotomolded Plastic One-time Customize Gas/fuel Storage Tanks for SaleDescription: • Motorcycle Fuel Tank or storage • It has superior strength and durability • It can prevent the secondary pollution. No rust and no corrode, which is a good technology for environmental protectionRead More

  • Small Plastic Fuel Tank

    Contact NowSmall Plastic Fuel Tanksmall plastic fuel tank Oil Tank & Water Tank & diesel tank, Made of PE Key Features: 1. Economic tooling costs 2. One-piece construction. 3. Weight reduction-as compared to most metals. 4. Uniform wall thickness-nothinning in the extremites 5. Resistance to stress-cracking and...Read More