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What Is The Trend Of Rotomolding Industry ?
Sep 01, 2017

Compared with other plastic products molding technology such as injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding, rotational molding technology needs bigger workers labor intensity and more manual operation. What’s more, rotomolding equipment control level is relatively low. However, the emergence of some new technology will make rotomolding technology increasingly perfect.

1. In-mould temperature measurement control technology
In-mould temperature measurement control technology is used for recording the mould temperature variation curve at different locations. In addition, the mould temperature variation curve is used as the basis of process control feedback. At present, some rotomolding companies has developed in-mould temperature measurement control device. And the advantage of this device is that the operator can be use of the control system to reduce and optimize the heating and cooling cycle, improve and guarantee the product quality and reduce production cost.

2. Automation technology
The automation level of plastic mold in the process of the opening and closing mold, adding materials and demolding is far behind the other plastic molding process. Domestic and foreign researchers have been engaged in improving the automation level of rotational molding production. At present, many technology process has gradually matured such as adding the plastic materials, opening and closing mold automatically, demolding the products, etc. This has made the automation level of rotomolding production process greatly increased.

3. Electric heating technology and hot oil heating technology
Currently, hot air heating and flame heating are current commonly used in heating mold. It is more economical and environmental-friendly by using electric heating or hot oil heating.  The electric heating technology has been adopted on the rolling machine of some domestic manufacturers. However, hot oil heating technology hasn’t been used in China.

4. National policy
At present, rotomolding technology has been adopted on more and more products, such as waste barrels, military supply, the one-time molding plastic car shell, inspection chamber, telecom chamber and products that countries guide, which will promote the continuous development of domestic rotomolding industry.

5. Talent cultivation
With the growing popularity of the rotomolding application, the demand for talent in rotomolding industry is constantly increased. It is believed that there will be more and more colleges and universities and research institutes training specialists in the field of plastic rotomoding, which will make the rotomolding industry development scale new heights.