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What About The Water Tank Of Motorcycle?
May 31, 2017

Many of our friends who ride water trucks will encounter this kind of trouble, if the motorcycle tank accidentally mixed with water, our car will appear difficult to start, engine tempering, idling too high or lack of power and so on, we must quickly remove the water in the fuel.

When the fuel is mixed with a small amount of water, you can find a road that is less than the width of the road high-speed traffic, the water enters the cylinder to burn off; when the fuel is mixed with larger composition moisture, the fuel switch can be placed in the "standby" position, and gently shaking the body, and then unscrew the fuel switch oil storage room and carburetor float room at the bottom of the oil release screws, water can be removed, or the oil tank to clean, and then open the tank cover for a few days, and so on the water tank evaporation clean can continue to use, the proportion of water is heavier than gasoline, So be sure to keep the oil in the tank clean and dry.