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Water Tanks
Nov 03, 2017

The water tank is divided into several types: glass steel water tank, stainless steel water tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank, seawater glass fiber reinforced plastic tank, enamel tank and galvanized steel tank. The tank generally equipped with HYFI electric valve, liquid level remote water level monitoring system and automatic cleaning system and self-cleaning sterilizer, drainage overflow pipe and a water tank water tank valve connected with insect net, two different water tank ventilation pipe should be (with insect net), a water tank inside and outside ladder; general water tank the water inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe (the living water outlet pipe, overflow pipe, fire pipe), drainage pipe, water tank in accordance with different functions into the living water tank, fire water tank, water tank, water tank, air defense production of household water tower five, strictly toilet flushing water tank and the water tank does not belong to the water tank.