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Unfavorable Conditions Of China Rotomolding Industry
Sep 09, 2017

1.The lagging idea

Most people, including those who are engaged in rotomolding production and other sectors believe that the rotomolding technique is simple, including the equipment and mold. Many people start to take part in rotomolding just with equipment and mold made by themselves. The cost is reduced but they seldom to focus the quality of the equipment and leave the impression of shoddy products thus restricted the development of rotational molding industry. At present, the rotomolding industry has not get the national attention; there is neither industrial nor national standard for rotomolding products. Lack of the national investment, it is hard for industrial innovation on its equipment and technique.

2.The lagging equipment

The domestic rotomolding equipment mainly has the following disadvantages:

① High energy consumption and low energy efficiency.

② The equipment has low automation level and increases the labor costs.

③ The unreasonable manufacturing process of machine parts, make the machine can not run smoothly and it is easily to cause other damages to other components.

④ The irrational structure design, lead to the machine become easily to broken, and threat the personal security of workers.

⑤ The equipment has excessively rely on operator’s working experience, the machine cannot achieve the automatic level.

⑥ The machine has poor performance and has directly influence the qualification rate of rotomolding products.

3. Poor quality of rotomolding products

Major features for poor quality, including: easily to deform, difficult to control its shrinkage and has incompact inner structure. The quality of rotomolding products is closely related to equipment and mold. Excellent equipment can precisely control the manufacturing process and create products with superior quality. The quality products have good appearance and inner structure. 

4. Lack of related talents

The professionals of rotomolding industry are very scare, compared with professionals in  injection molding other relative industries. Currently, the professionals of rotomolding industry are chiefly developed by self study and exploration in their own companies; moreover, the theory of domestic rotomolding industry is nearly in a blank situation, only a few enterprises have the R&D department, these are very unfavorable for industrial development. In addition, the lack of talents makes the improvement of the whole industry become more difficult, and becomes a key issue need to be deal with.