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Technical Requirements And Parameters Of Water Tanks
Nov 21, 2017

1, the following materials to water tank weld, according to a company's HQF stamping technical parameters of stainless steel water tank system, ordinary carbon steel plate and steel made by the tank and accessory materials, E43XX type welding, its quality should be provided separately in accordance with the current standard of "carbon structural steel" and "the" carbon steel electrode. Steel plate splicing box top, wall and bottom are used for butt welding (I welding seam roof, the bottom and the side walls of V type, the other is welding weld) fillet weld, a cross phenomenon is not allowed between weld, and not with the help of coincidence to strengthen. 2, after the completion of the full water test tank, the tank completely filled with water, after 2~3 hours, with heavy 0.5~1.5 kg hammer lead along the weld about 150 mm on the side of tapping, leakage is qualified. If there is a leak, it must be welded again, and then the experiment is carried out.