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Spherical Tank
Dec 09, 2017

The spherical tank using SUS304, 316L stainless steel, does not rust, no moss, nor Water Leakage phenomenon, it can permanently maintain clean sanitation, the service life is 10 times more than the general concrete water tank, more suitable for cold water, clean water, boiling water and chemicals storage. When you use, you only need to put the water tank on the roof and connect it to the water pipe, so that it can be used very conveniently, and it is also used in various fields. Its specifications are available from 0.5-30 tons, and can also be made according to the requirements of the customers.

Advantages of spherical water tank

1. light weight, long period of use, the overall structure is very stable, small area.

The 2. line is smooth and elegant. It can be combined into various kinds according to the requirements of different places, such as polygons, ladder shaped and so on. It not only has a three-dimensional sense, but also beautifies the appearance of the city.

3. the materials used are made of imported food grade stainless steel plates, with anti-seismic, crack resistance and so on.

The 4. water tank is assembled by a rectangular plate and a number of concave and convex plates. It is easy to install and convenient to transport.

5., it is in line with the industry standard of the country, and through the standards of sanitary inspection and quarantine, its surface is very smooth and rust resistant. It is not easy to generate algae, nor to grow moss or to have special holes. So cleaning is also very convenient.

6. it can be done from the specifications of 0.5-3000 tons, and can also be designed and processed according to the requirements of the customer.

The price of the 7. water tank is also very affordable, mainly related to its several points, such as material, specifications, volume and so on.

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