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India Imposes Anti-dumping Duties On 93 Products, Including Rubber And Plastic Products
Sep 23, 2017

Recently, a number of Indian media reports, India's minister of commerce and industry and tara (Nirmala Sitharaman) said that the Indian government since August 9, a total of 93 kinds of products imported from China anti-dumping duties, including chemicals and petrochemicals, steel and other metal products, fiber and yarn products, machinery parts, rubber and plastic products, electric and electronic products, daily consumer goods, and so on.

Mr. Hitaraman made the remarks in a written response to the Rajya Sabha, India's parliament, on August 9.She also said that the anti-dumping and joint tax council (DGAD), set up by the ministry of commerce and industry of India, had initiated 40 anti-dumping investigations against Chinese imports.The Indian business minister's own twitter account also retweeted reports from India's economic times.

On August 2, he met with Chinese commerce minister zhong shan during a meeting of brics trade ministers in Shanghai.According to India's consulate in Shanghai's statement, and tara to zhong shan "to seek assistance, reduce the trade deficit between the two countries and promote market access and facilitation, and for India's IT, pharmaceutical and agricultural products to provide a fair competitive environment".

According to the economic times, India imported $61.28 billion in imports from China in the 2016-17 fiscal year, down slightly from $61.7 billion in the previous fiscal year.Between 2015 and 2016, India's trade deficit with China rose to $52.6 billion, while bilateral trade fell from $72.3 billion to 70.7 billion.

Peak in July, China's commerce ministry spokesman said at a regular news conference, the first half of 2017, India 37 in the world to China by the trade remedy investigation cases, accounted for since December, more than 11 in the United States, to launch trade remedy investigations become China the largest number of countries.

Most recently, the ministry of commerce issued on August 1, inflatable radial tyre final anti-dumping investigation, ruled that the dumping imports of inflatable radial tyre in China, and the damage to a domestic industry, proposed a $245.35 / ton for the said goods to $452.33 / ton of anti-dumping duties.

On July 28, the ministry of commerce issued a wind turbine castings final anti-dumping investigation, ruled that imports from China of wind turbine castings of dumping and damage to a domestic industry, Suggestions for the said goods anti-dumping duties, tax rate of 6.27% to 6.27%.

On July 21, the ministry of commerce and industry issued an anti-dumping investigation on photovoltaic cells and components imported from China, Taiwan and Malaysia.China's ministry of commerce trade remedy investigation bureau chief Wang Hejun said, hope that the Indian side on eyes in India and the global development of global pv industry, on the case to take careful attitude, strictly in accordance with the regulations to carry out the investigation, to avoid the abuse of trade remedy measures.

India imports mainly telecommunications equipment, computer hardware, electronic components, chemicals and pharmaceutical materials from China.India exports mainly ore, raw materials, steel, plastics and cotton to China.