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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Plastic Water Tank
May 31, 2017

First, usually when using plastic water tanks, to avoid the use of hard objects to impact the water tank, because if the plastic water tank cracks, not only affect the beauty will also affect the amount of water storage, because the water will be the plastic water tank caused by local pressure increase, the life of the water tank will cause a great impact. and to avoid direct sunlight, because plastic tanks in polyethylene in the face of plastic tanks when water deterioration, affecting the hardness of plastic water tanks, soft plastic water tanks not only to withstand the water's ability to weaken, the service life will be greatly affected.

At the same time, the plastic water tank to prohibit fire near, because the plastic water tank is flammable, in close proximity to the source of fire will be heated, plastic water tank ignition point only 341 Shan, as long as the temperature reached this point will be burning, so we have to the plastic water tank around the environment to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the security hidden danger completely eliminated, in order to ensure the safety of production.