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Function And Requirements Of Floating Pontoon
Dec 17, 2017

Offshore oil and gas system, the rigid riser in the deep sea environment is used more and more widely, buoys material is usually installed in the deepwater riser external, mainly for the rigid riser in the deep sea to reduce weight; in addition, because of the long-term work in the harsh environment of the ocean in the riser is fixed on the outer surface of the float can also play a good protective effect of column. High temperature and high pressure (HP/HT) reservoirs, such as reservoirs in Europe, Beihai, Mexico Bay and Bohai Bay, put forward higher insulation requirements for marine risers, so as to prevent the formation of wax and hydrate when products are cooled along the pipeline. In addition to the design of a marine riser outside the external floating can also play a very good insulation protection. Therefore, according to the performance and use conditions of deep-water technology, the external buoy material must meet the following requirements:

The density of the 1. buoy material is as small as possible, making the unit volume as large as possible to provide the maximum buoyancy, thus improving the performance of the marine riser.

2., it can withstand the required hydrostatic pressure (marine riser depth 100m, water pressure increased by 1MPa), and will not cause damage within the prescribed depth of service, that is, the compression condition.

3. low water absorption and bulk modulus of elasticity make it provide stable buoyancy under large water pressure to ensure the safe and reliable work of the marine riser. At the same time, we need to take account of the overall treatment, load and use of risers and float materials, and provide safe and reliable problems such as cracking, cracking and buoyancy during the use of float materials. Float materials reinforced the quite tough, such as on the surface of float material coated with two layers of Kevlar and glass steel inside the materials were enhanced, can increase the float material strength, can use more secure.