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Fire Tank
Nov 23, 2017

1, the channel of the water tank, is the use of international channel welded mesh, rust removed after brushing with epoxy resin paint, do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment. 2, the bottom of the water tank is also very uniform pressure, can play a very good conductive pressure, so it is generally not deformation. 3, the stainless steel tank settings will allow the condensation of water droplets concentrated in the tank, and then flow to the drain water, so it can maintain good channel wet, not rusty. 4, the water tank side plate made trapezoidal, not only can improve the strength of the board, and the inner wall without protruding things, very smooth, if you want to wash, it is very easy, and the appearance is beautiful. 5, the roof of the water tank is folded into angle shape, it can also improve the strength of the plate, and also has the characteristics of easy cleaning, no water accumulation, beautiful appearance and so on. 6, the inside of the air vent is equipped with filter cotton, which can prevent the dust in the air from polluting the water quality. 7, the water tank design is good, but at the end of the installation, but also according to the norms of water supply facilities to install.