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China Plastics City Crackdown Special Action Made A Breakthrough
Jan 05, 2018

December 5, a chilly wind bleak days, the China Plastic City market crackdown special action came a warm message, Japan Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. and his party of four to thank Yuyao Market Authority and China Plastic City Management The committee made outstanding achievements in the fight against counterfeit "asuka" trademark polycarbonate, made a special trip to Yuyao visited and granted Yuyao City Market Authority banner, which is this year after Japan Polyplastics Co., Ltd. awarded the banner The second side of recognition of the banner.

Since the launching of the "crackdown" special action in the plastics market in China, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Yuyao City has been specifically responsible for carrying out special operations against the sale of counterfeit products. With the joint efforts of the CMC of China Plastics City, the market has made special efforts to crack down on sales of counterfeit products This year, it has investigated and dealt with a number of cases that have a great impact on the brand, highlighting the intensity and determination of counterfeiting by market regulators and deterring the criminalization of the manufacture and sale of fake goods. Well-known Japanese companies by way of giving pennant, expressed their recognition of the crackdown work, as well as the trust of the market management department, but at the same time, these awards also contain heavy pressure, will prompt the market management department to further perform its functions and effectively safeguard Market order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and the masses.

Next, China Plastics City will continue to work with the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau to take further effective measures to explore a long-term mechanism of "crackdown" in accordance with the general requirements of "building a market of good faith brand", consolidate and expand the effectiveness of crackdown and remediation, and create fair , Regulate the market atmosphere.