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Automobile Water Tank
Nov 27, 2017

The radiator is responsible for the cooling of the circulating water. In order to avoid overheating of the engine, the components (cylinder, cylinder head, valve, etc.) around the combustion chamber must be properly cooled. The cooling device of the automobile engine is mainly cooled by water, and is cooled by the circulating water in the cylinder channel. The heated water in the channel is introduced into the water tank (radiator), and then is returned to the water channel after cooling by the wind. Water tank (radiator) doubles as water storage and heat dissipation. The water pipes and radiators of the water tank (radiator) are made of aluminum, the aluminum pipe is made of flat shape, the radiating fin has corrugated shape, the heat dissipation performance is emphasized, the installation direction is perpendicular to the direction of air flow, the air resistance is small, and the cooling efficiency is high.