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Advantages Of Plastic Fuel Tanks(2)
Oct 14, 2017

4.The fatigue durability is good. Fatigue damage of metallic materials is often a sudden damage without obvious signs.The  polymer matrix composites, fiber and matrix interface can effectively prevent the crack spread,make the destruction  gradually develop, thus has obvious signs before damage.Overload safety is good and the safety and reliability are  high. 

5.The cushioning effect is good. The fiber matrix interface has damping capacity,so the vibration damping is high.

6.The ablation resistance is good.Because of the specific heat capacity of polymer composites is relatively large, the heat  of fusion and vaporization heat is relatively large, can absorb a lot of heat at high temperature,is a kind of good  ablation resistant material.When gasoline, diesel vehicles on fire will not soon heat up, can delay the explosion, the  crew increased hope of survival in the accident.