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Adjust The Industry Structure Of Rotomolding
Sep 09, 2017

1. Strength the scientific and technological research in rotomolding industry and promote the establishment of the product system.

The rotational molding technology is not only a part of plastics processing industry, but also a major processing for manufacturing various plastic products. We started the rotomolding industry later than developing countries but through more than 20 years’ development, our technique is growing mature and has obvious advantages. At present, the application of rotomolding products is enlarging and the industry has a bright future. In a word, rotational molding industry has formed a complete industrial chain including raw materials, equipment, molds and product applications.

Rotational molding industry is the new technology, with many advantages including: low cost of the mold, excellent quality of the products and the technology can manufacture complicated shapes of products. The rotomolding products have a wide application, both in daily life, such as sports equipment and cultural products and special industry like military and transportation.

2. Accelerate the technological innovation, and improve the manufacturing level.

The Rotomoling Committee of China Association for Plastic has been set up over 10 years; the Committee has made a great contribution for the development of the rotomolding industry. We hope that the Committee will continue to implement polices, establish more platform to promote the industrial development. Make new contributions on reducing cost, increasing automation of equipment and improve the working efficiency etc. 

As an emerging industry with a brilliant future, rotomolding industry needs to adapt the new economic situation. Under the current situation, the industry has to rely on innovation to improve performance, take the road in the modern industrial development of ecological civilization. Next year will still be a difficult year for the industry. Under such circumstance, the whole industry should adjust the product structure, change the mold of production, improve products’ application and study the market direction. Make use of rotomolding’s features and advantages to expanding the range of applications and alternative capabilities; improve the development of the whole industry in a more effective way.