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Use instructions of rotomolding plastic foaming material
Dec 29, 2017

ROTOUN ® LLD484 and LLD488 plastic foam powder, is a professional use LLDPE based materials.LLD484 is limit

Four times the foaming material, LLD488 is the limit of 8 times the foaming material.ROTOUN ® LLD484 and LLD488 only support through multiple plastic products production multilayer feeding process, does not support a one-time feeding way.

Before using the foaming material, calculate the amount of material.There are different ways of using it.

-- strengthen the wall thickness

Normal roll plastic should be used to feed M 0 (Kg), wall thickness n(mm) products, if need to increase h thickness foaming layer, use P times

The initial amount of foaming material (Kg) is M 0 * h/(n * P).

-- fill the cavity

The entire volume V (m) is calculated using the design data or the water - filling method

3) the volume should be removed from the package.Need to throw

The initial amount of the foaming material (Kg) is V * 0.93/(1000 x P).

As the foaming material is added too much to cause the die or even die explosion (especially filling cavity), it is the first time to add foaming material

The foaming ratio was slightly lower than normal (4 or 8).For LLD484, the p-value primary is 3, LLD488, P value primary

Is 6.Through the adjustment of the process, the best foaming quality is achieved, and then the amount of foaming material adjusted according to the foaming conditions until it is processed

Satisfied products

As the foaming material is processed, the gas will be produced and overflow from the plastic melt. The air hole should be kept open during processing

The two adjacent structures must have a vent, because the product will impede the flow of the gas.If these regions don't exclude the gas,

It creates pressure inside the mold to make it impossible to complete.Some of the molds need 4-5 air holes at the end, allowing the gas to completely platoon

Out of the mold.For simple molds, a large diameter ventilator may be required.

The shrinkage rate of products after foaming material will be reduced, and the size of the products will be larger. This will affect the unloading process. If the drawing Angle is not sufficient,

Will cause the product to adhere to the mold.Before using the foaming material, please confirm whether the die Angle is sufficient, especially the inner corner and the core part.

In general, the foaming material is at 1:2.5 slope, and the flow flux G=200-250 (s. Cm

2)/Kg, through the calculation of feeding holes

Intercept area S (cm)

2) and the pre-additive quantity M (Kg) shall be checked for the time T=G * M/S.The usual secondary feeding process

The time between the mould stop and the restart is no longer than 2min, and the feeding time of the foaming material should not exceed 1min. Therefore, it should be root

According to the product situation, the diameter of the feeding hole shall be more than 2 x (G * M/3.14 * T).

1/2.If the diameter of the feeding hole is restricted due to the product size

The cooling time of the mold from the heating chamber should be extended accordingly, until the material in the mold is lower

The temperature is completely set.