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Transportation Facilities
Dec 11, 2017

During the "12th Five-Year Plan" ( 2011-2015 ), it will be an important strategic phase for China's political and economic development. In order to promote the rapid development of China's transportation facilities and industries, since 2010 , the NDRC, MIIT, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Public Security have all followed Issued a series of development plans in the field of transportation facilities and systematically planned the blueprint for the development and construction of road transport facilities in China during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, including the "National" Twelfth Five-Year Plan " development plan ", the Ministry of transport issued a" national transport "five" development plan "and" national highway and waterway post -transport "second five" development plan ", as well as Ministry of Public security issued the" national road traffic safety "Twelfth Five - Year" Construction Plan "and" National Road Traffic Management "Twelfth Five-Year" Science and Technology Development Plan ", and the Ministry of Industry and promulgated the" National IoT "Twelfth Five-Year" Development Plan. 

The traffic accidents in our country have always been at a high level. Traffic accidents on extra-major roads still occur from time to time. The road traffic safety situation is still not optimistic. In the coming years, prevention of road traffic accidents will receive unprecedented attention, and relevant accident prevention technologies will also be popularized and applied. This will be an opportunity for the majority of traffic safety facilities manufacturers.

Traffic facilities in the crash barrels, guide and isolation piers and other components are rotational molding process, in our country has a mature application.



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