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Pontoon boat
Dec 22, 2017

One of the most affordable boat styles on the market, a pontoon boat offers both comfort and fun for boaters. A variety of after-market upgrades and boat accessories enable both customization and longevity for a pontoon boat owner.

The open deck layout of a pontoon boat lends itself to cost-effective add-on features and accessories. Pontoon boat accessories can easily be replaced as they become worn or in need of repair. A cheap or basic pontoon boat can also be upgraded by outfitting it with the latest luxury features in seating, bimini tops, deck carpet, slides and more.

A comfortable boating environment is an enjoyable boating experience. Pontoon boats are designed for convenience and comfort on the boat deck and can be even more comfortable with the addition of some simple accessories.

Here are boat accessories to consider for improving comfort on a pontoon boat:

·         Boat seats and furniture. The flexibility of seating design on a pontoon boat is one of its biggest advantages over other styles of boats. Standardized seating components and furniture can be added to create the ideal seating arrangement. Luxury custom furniture seating is available for the ultimate seating comfort on pontoon boats.

·         Bimini tops. A shade enclosure for sun protection during long days on the water is essential. Bimini boat tops are typically available in pre-determined widths and lengths for quick and cost-effective upgrades to pontoon boats.

·         Boat covers. It is good practice to cover the open deck of a pontoon boat with a boat cover to keep the interior clean and protected from the elements. It is important to update a boat cover when it becomes worn or damaged.

·         Deck carpet. Soft deck carpet makes spending hours on a boat more comfortable and enjoyable. Marine grade deck carpetcan be customized to a boat’s exact size for a finished look and fit.

·         Boat tables & cup holders. Like a good minivan, boats need lots of cup holders. Sturdy boat tables and components can easily be updated due to standardized fittings.

·         Marine stoves & refrigerators. The convenience of built-in marine grade stoves and refrigerators is ideal for long afternoons on the water.

·         Privacy partition. Adding a privacy partition will make it easier for guests to comfortably change clothes while on the boat.

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