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Plumbing facilities
Dec 22, 2017

The large-scale urbanization and development in China has given birth to a " big head " pipeline industry. At present, China is the world's plastic pipe production, the largest number of countries. In 2011, the output reached 10 million tons, an increase of 19% over the previous year . Among them, PVC pipe accounts for 50% , PE pipe accounts for 30% , PP pipe accounts for 10% . PE pipe is mainly used for gas, municipal water supply, agricultural drinking water, irrigation pipes, etc., of which about 1,700,000 tons of PE pressure pipe .According to statistics, due to the characteristics of plastic pipe and the laying of convenient features, the application of a straight line up, in the pipeline market share has exceeded 30% .

Rotational plastic products in pipeline engineering has less application, but with the national promotion of large plastic products increased, rotational molding process in the corrosion pipeline, inspection wells, septic tanks in the application will gradually increase.