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Military packaging
Dec 22, 2017

Box logistics equipment is mainly used in field operations under the tactical unit (sub) team protection equipment packaging protection, container carrying and carrying transport, with a certain degree of protection, and suitable for manual and mechanical loading and unloading of the use of box-type structure A class of logistics equipment. With the improvement of overall national strength of our country, the construction of logistical equipment has witnessed rapid development. Modern high-tech warfare is a strategic act within the scope of tactics. It has shifted from a large group to a precise strike, with emphasis on rapid reaction capability of equipment. Solve the rapid protection of bulk equipment and equipment issues; change the past, simple packaging and transportation methods for the packing box carrying means to solve the problem of rapid maneuver troops.

It has the advantages of cost, quality and performance to meet the tactical and technical performance indexes of box logistics equipment and the package protection, container loading and transportation needs of the tactical part team in the field of field operation, and the cost is low , Obvious military economic benefits, in line with the requirements of diversified military operations on protective equipment packaging, can be widely used in box-type logistics equipment manufacturing. At present, the rotomolding box has been applied to the field of chestnut box set, field medical box set, shower box set and other box-type logistics equipment research and development. With the further implementation of the overall system of box logistics equipment, it is expected that the proportion of rotational molding boxes will account for more than 80%, except for some box-type equipment due to the special needs of metal box.