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Medical supplies
Dec 12, 2017

When a person has a traumatic injury, it is of crucial importance to carry the injured person properly and scientifically, which is directly related to the patient's prognosis. For patients with spinal injuries, medical volunteers will inevitably use a technique known as "Spine Board " The super weapon, emergency fixed for the patient, handling. This spinal fixation plate is different from the general stretcher and is the most advanced fixation and handling tool for spinal injuries in the world. This special rescue appliance is made of polyethylene, carbon fiber and polyurethane. It adopts a "rotomolding" molding process. Its appearance is beautiful and economical. This fixed plate is the only one for carrying sports injuries such as cervical injury and thoracolumbar fractures Applicable medical equipment.

 In addition, blood storage containers, medical equipment, large medical equipment, shell and other products manufacturers have rotational molding production.