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LLDPE rotational plastic processing technology
Jan 02, 2018

Due to the difference in the rolling equipment of each manufacturer, the control scope of oven temperature is quite different.We don't recommend it drying oven temperature to control different materials or products.

The most accurate process should be to make the material reach 200-220 degrees inside the mold.But usually the mold has no internal temperature.The method we recommend is: after the oven is heated, the rotary die is not removed from the oven external surface temperature should be controlled at 220-240 degrees.Adjust the oven temperature to achieve this by using an infrared temperature measuring gun test range.It is important to note that this kind of regulation can be exempted from the difficulties caused by temperature.

In addition to the heat conduction factor of the oven, the heating time is actually controlled by the wall thickness. Each additional 1mm wall thickness should be extended by heating time 2 to 3 min.

The failure of speed and speed can lead to uneven thickness, lack of material, bridge and other defects, and should be adjusted according to the actual product.