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Dec 08, 2017

Looking to China , along with the sustained and rapid growth of the national economy, the acceleration of urbanization and the rise of the real estate industry, the rise of the tourism and leisure and holiday industry and the improvement of environmental protection awareness ,  coupled with major infrastructural facilities such as transportation infrastructure for landscaping and environmental protection Driven by the project ,  the external conditions for the rapid development of China's garden industry have basically matured and  will enter the start-up and take-off phases . It is  estimated that in the next few years , the  Chinese garden industry will develop rapidly.

Nowadays, many cities and industries in China are playing a big role in " green" and "eco" cards. In urban reconstruction, road widening and square construction projects, people are paying more and more attention to the afforestation landscape design and ecological environment not only as a new pursuit of public life ,  Has also become a new means of marketing real estate business ,  " Urban Forest Peninsula" " Lakeshore Garden" " urban oxygen bar" has long been the subject of real estate ads At the same time ,  many enterprises and institutions are also " coordinated with the urban environment ,  so that employees and Customer comfort "under the guidance of the concept ,  began to focus on their own green environment and landscape transformation.