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Fishing boat
Dec 15, 2017

In 2012 , the "Report on the State of Safety Technology for Marine Fishing Vessels" issued by the Ministry of Fishery's Fishery Ships Inspection Bureau pointed out that the present situation of "more than five, fewer and fewer fishing vessels" in our country is that there are many small fishing vessels and fewer large vessels; there are many wooden fishing vessels and few steel fishing vessels There are many old fishing boats and fewer new fishing boats. There are more fishing boats and fewer fishing boats off the coast.

Marine fishery is not only an important part of China's marine economy, but also a strategic and resource-oriented industry that is related to the national maritime rights and interests. Fishing vessels as a carrier of fishery production, but also the focus of the development of fisheries and ship science and technology. By the end of 2011 , the total number of fishing vessels in our country had reached 1.06 million, ranking the first in the world, but 90% were small fishing vessels and 85% were wooden fishing vessels.

Compared with other processes, the rotomolded fishing boats have the advantages of simple processing, good impact resistance, light weight, long service life, easy repair and replacement of wooden boats and FRP ships Has a vast space for development.