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Facilities Animal husbandry
Dec 14, 2017

At present, China's meat and egg production ranked first in the world, milk production ranked third in the world, the consumption of meat reached the level of the medium-developed countries, the country's livestock cooperatives reached 169,000 , accounting for peasant profession The proportion of cooperative organizations reached 28.2% . In 2012 , the proportion of the output value of livestock husbandry in the total agricultural output value is 1/3 .

With the continuous development of animal husbandry, the quantity-type animal husbandry will surely transform to the quality-based animal husbandry. The sustainable development of animal husbandry is the inevitable choice for the future development. The livestock husbandry in the facility is the quality-based husbandry and the sustainable development of animal husbandry The main form of expression. Facilities Animal husbandry is the development of modern industry, the use of advanced facilities and feeding techniques for livestock and poultry to create a suitable living environment, and to ensure feed nutrition and disease prevention conditions, so that decentralized livestock and poultry farming to achieve large-scale chemical plant.

Compared with the traditional livestock production, livestock and poultry production in addition to the basic means of production ( livestock, feed, housing ) than other elements, modern facilities including animal husbandry barn construction, machinery and equipment, production technology ( mainly refers to science Feeding techniques ) and management system of the four elements. The layout of barn buildings should meet the requirements of production process and poultry epidemic prevention and provide the basic conditions for the application of machinery and equipment. Machinery and equipment are an important manifestation of livestock husbandry in facilities and are used in all aspects of livestock production such as feeding Equipment, drinking water equipment, ventilation and cooling or heating and insulation equipment, defecation equipment, egg collection, milking equipment, hatching equipment, excrement and sewage treatment equipment; production process and management system is livestock husbandry software facilities, but it is hardware Production of an important guarantee of effectiveness.

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