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Cleaning supplies
Dec 07, 2017

China's cleaning and cleaning industry is in its infancy. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently about 4,000 cleaning product manufacturers, distributors and agents in China, and only end-users of commercial and industrial cleaning products have reached 500 This does not include the cleaning products used by hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens. The output value of industrial and commercial cleaning products is estimated to be about 200 billion yuan, while the investment made by international companies in China is currently about 3 billion yuan. On the other hand, the government also strongly advocates raising the level of cleanliness and hygiene and proactively establishing clean industry standards. In particular, the outbreak of SARS and bird flu in China has greatly enhanced people's concept of cleanliness, and has made great efforts in personal and public health Requests have also been further improved.    

Rotational molding products shine in cleaning products, washing machines, fans, UV disinfection lamps and other products to become the focus of development.

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