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Industrial Products


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    INDUSTRIAL WORK TABLE To reduce the need for workers to bend or reach across the table, the plastic table features wings rising from three sides that help corral the products, parts, packages or other goods on the table and prevent them from falling or sliding onto the floor.Read More

  • 3D Printer Housing

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    3D Printer Housing

    Homda is a custom rotomolder with complete assembly and testing services. Our portfolio of projects includes plastic parts like this 3D printer housing. What can we rotomold for you? Send us your 3D drawing kindly!Read More

  • Plastic Thermoforming For Instrument Housings And Assemblies

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    Plastic Thermoforming For Instrument Housings And Assemblies

    Instrument housings and assemblies are cases or enclosures that protect an instrument (such as a medical device) from environmental conditions. They may also integrate with structural components and promote ease-of-handling. Traditionally, instrument housing and assemblies...Read More

  • Plastic Planters Flowerpot

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    Plastic Planters Flowerpot

    1) The main material: imported PE raw materials 2) Common colors:You can order or decide on it 3) Performance: One-piece forming, no weld or joint failure, smooth internal and external surface, excellent hygienic properties, UV stability for outdoor applications,...Read More

  • Roto Plastic Hottub Armrest

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    Roto Plastic Hottub Armrest

    Made of rotomolding PE, with high precision. It is not easy for embrittlement, non-toxic,impact resistance,good high tempreture resistance. Easy installation and transportation. Contact US: thera@homdas.comRead More

  • Cone Hatching Barrel

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    Cone Hatching Barrel

    Imported Korean polyethylene (PE) plastic raw materials, rotomolding molding without a bond, not easy to break. Smooth inside and outside, no leakage, no moss, no scaling. The bottom of the barrel is a bottom with a positive cone, and the carbon steel base is matched with the...Read More

  • Cloth Truck

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    Cloth Truck

    Product Information Product Name:cloth truck Material: Virgin Polyethylene (PE) Net weight: 67kg Capacity: 1300L Carrying capacity: 500kg Process: Rotary Molding Color: yellow, blue or according to customer requirements Uses: Laundry Centers,...Read More

  • Rotational Plastic Septic Tank

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    Rotational Plastic Septic Tank

    This is a septic tank. It is mainly used for the storage of waste water. This plastic septic tank provides a lightweight, low-cost alternative to older concrete septic tanks. This septic tank is made of rotational molded polyethylene resin. Its seamless structure makes it...Read More

  • Rotational Molding Plastic Trash Cart

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    Rotational Molding Plastic Trash Cart

    The products made of high quality materials can be used for food transportation and turnover. The dump is hard, thick and smooth, and the front end is designed to be inclined, easy to reverse and clean. It is convenient to move and stop the rear casters with the...Read More

  • Plastic Cleaning Machine Floor Scrubber Shell

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    Plastic Cleaning Machine Floor Scrubber Shell

    1) Economic tooling costs. 2) One-piece construction. 3) Weight reduction-as compared to most metals. 4) Uniform wall thickness-nothinning in the extremites. 5) Thickness can be varied if required 6) Variety of finishes and color. 7) The ability to produce...Read More

  • Plastic Pallets

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    Plastic Pallets

    Environmental - longer life, can be recycled at the end of its useful life A wide range of colors - to coordinate the product to the location or closed-loop transport Hygiene - FDA-compliant food-grade resins are used for food and pharmaceutical applications Washable,...Read More

  • Storage Grass Box In Lawn Mower

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    Storage Grass Box In Lawn Mower

    Storage grass box in Lawn Mower Homda plastic provide the rotational molding plastic storage box,can easy clean,high-impact,UV-resistant,easy to install, not rust,not easy change shapes... This is belong to our clients storage box,if you need,we can custom-made for you.Please...Read More

Homda Plastic is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various rotomolding, rotational mould and plastic rolling industrial products in China. All roto mold products we bring here are made in China and with the most competitive price. Also, the customized production is supported in our factory. Please rest assured to place orders.