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Fuel Tank

  • Petrol Storage Containers

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    Petrol Storage Containers

    Petrol storage containers 24 Gallon Topside Fuel Tank Minimum of 5% of the inside volume reserved for ullage open headspace Full fill line and securing strap grooves molded into tank EPA-compliant 2-stage “click when closed” fuel cap Pressure tested to a minimum of 3 lb. to...Read More

  • Petrol Fuel Tank

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    Petrol Fuel Tank

    9-Gallon Above-Deck Fuel Tank Capacity: 9 gallons Material: Marine-grade, cross-linked polyethylene Dimensions: 29 1/2"L x 14"W x 9 5/8"H Warranty: Two yearsRead More

  • Plastic Boat Fuel Tank

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    Plastic Boat Fuel Tank

    Below Deck Fuel Tank, 55 Gallon 51"L x 25.5"W x 15"H Roto-molded, cross-linked polyethylene plastic is impervious to corrosion and ethanol-enhanced fuel Ethanol and biodiesel compliant and corrosion resistant Fittings are designed for maximum flow during...Read More

  • Plastic Oil Tank

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    Plastic Oil Tank

    WHY CHOOSE ROTATIONAL MOULDING FOR YOUR FUEL TANK ? ♦ Cost-effective tooling ♦ One-piece construction: Durable, strong, stress-free products ♦ Can produce complex shapes ♦ Uniform wall thickness with stronger corners, which increases parts strength and integrity ♦ Seamless:...Read More

  • Plastic Fuel Containers

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    Plastic Fuel Containers

    Plastic fuel containers for UTV 9 USG/35 L capacity Available in Natural plastic only Uses stock mounts, filler cap, fuel pump Some slight modifications required for stock RZR Tanks are made of very durable cross-link polyethylene plastic.Read More

  • Hdpe Fuel Tanks

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    Hdpe Fuel Tanks

    Picture yourself riding into the sunset and you imagine the ride, not running out of gas. Take a big step towards making that a reality with Homda’s increased capacity fuel tanks. Homda fuel tanks are constructed of polyethylene with capacities significantly larger than stock...Read More

  • Plastic Water Cans

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    Plastic Water Cans

    Our storage tanks are professionally designed to ensure strength , durabilityand safety . Water tanks come with standard fittings and a child safe lid . The tanks are easy to install and designed with the utmost child safety in mind. HOMDA's vertical / water storage tanks...Read More

  • Plastic Fuel Container

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    Plastic Fuel Container

    Plastic fuel container This Auxilary tank plumbs into the OEM Fuel tank for a total of 12 gallons. Tanks may both be filled using OEM Filler or they may be filled individually, the fuel automatically transfers back and forth between the tanks, no additional steps necessary....Read More

  • Petrol Tank

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    Petrol Tank

    Petrol Tank Fuel Tank 0.6 Gallon White Suitable for minis, trials bikes, full size bikes, and anywhere else a little extra fuel is needed. Includes siphon kit that connects the handlebar tank to the main fuel tank and automatically siphons fuel while the bike is being ridden....Read More

  • Plastic Petrol Containers

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    Plastic Petrol Containers

    Plastic petrol containers Designed to enhance the appearance of your motorcycle, yet provide greater riding distance per tankful. Larger capacity than stock, yet very slim and sleek. Perfect for the dunes or the race track! These tanks are made with POLYETHYLENE CROSSLINK for...Read More

  • Gas Storage Tanks

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    Gas Storage Tanks

    Gas storage tanks Vehicle Service Type : all-terrain-vehicles ( ATV) Item wight: 7 pounds Product Dimensions : 19 x 13 x 12 inchesRead More

  • Gas Tank

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    Gas Tank

    Gas Tank Fuel Tank for 50 cc 70cc 90 cc 110cc 125 cc ATVs Item Weight: 1.6 pounds Package Dimensions:8 x 7 x 6 inchesRead More

Homda Plastic is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various rotomolding, rotational mould and plastic rolling fuel tank in China. All roto mold products we bring here are made in China and with the most competitive price. Also, the customized production is supported in our factory. Please rest assured to place orders.