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Fuel Tank

  • 7.5L Or Customized Plastic Motorcycle Fuel Tank

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    7.5L Or Customized Plastic Motorcycle Fuel Tank

    material:LDPE color:customized dimensions:538*225*137 volume:7.5L thickness:5mm fuel type:gasolineRead More

  • Truck Diesel Fuel Tank 200L

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    Truck Diesel Fuel Tank 200L

    Material:LLDPE Color:customized Dimension:500*500*800mm Shape:general tank Volume:200L Fuel type:DieselRead More

  • Plastic Gas Tank Motorcycle Fuel Tank

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    Plastic Gas Tank Motorcycle Fuel Tank

    These tanks can offer cool features like translucent plastic, which allows you to see you’re fuel level just by looking at the side of the tank, no more taking the gas cap off every time to check the fuel level. You can also sometimes opt for a “dry brake” system which is...Read More

  • ATV Gas Fuel Tank

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    ATV Gas Fuel Tank

    ATV Gas Fuel Tank for 50cc to 125cc Tank width: 17cm [6.69"] Tank length: 23.5cm [9.25"] Tank height: 19cm [7.48"] Gas line nipple on front bottom of tank Petcock not included Plastic Compatible with 50cc-125cc 4 stroke All measurements are approx. due to the...Read More

  • 4000 Litre Plastic Water Tank

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    4000 Litre Plastic Water Tank

    This Industrial Grade Tank is made from rotationally molded UV stabilized polyethylene for durability. The tank comes with a large 24" screw lid and a choice of either no outlet, 1" , 1 1/2" or 2" BSP. Increased wall thickness for Specific Gravities of contents between 1SG –...Read More

  • 60 Gallon Gas Tank

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    60 Gallon Gas Tank

    Benefits of Homda Marine Products: EPA Approved Certificate of Conformity UV, Slosh and Abrasion Resistant There are over 2,800 tanks on the market - without any warranty issues Our technology offers a repeatability in processingRead More

  • Plastic Fuel Tanks For Trucks

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    Plastic Fuel Tanks For Trucks

    Plastic fuel tank Capacity:300L Overall dimesion: 1090*625*495MM Process: Rotational moulding Suitable for: Heavy Truck Material:PE With plastic material, the tank has less light and cost less; With rotational moulding, it has even thickness and then result in long service...Read More

  • Go Kart Fuel Tank

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    Go Kart Fuel Tank

    Plastic 2qt tank for gasoline or methanol. This tank does require a hole to be drilled for the valve to be inserted. A partial hole is started (located on opposite end of the fuel cap). It is recommended to use a sealant or sealant tape when installing the valve. Dimensions:...Read More

  • Plastic Oil Tanks

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    Plastic Oil Tanks

    We provide tanks molded with the best material choices for your application; Polypropylene, Nylon (EPA Executive order / CARB compliant), PVC, Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and Crosslink HDPE). Low entry cost molds coupled with short lead times can get the tanks needed for...Read More

  • Tractor Fuel Tank

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    Tractor Fuel Tank

    This manufacturer-approved fuel tank is for lawn tractors. Fuel tank holds the lawn tractor's gas supply. Wear work gloves to protect your hands and work in a well-ventilated area during this repair. Installations last year: 11 Average installation time: 1 hour(s) and 12...Read More

  • 18-Gallon Permanent Fuel Tank

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    18-Gallon Permanent Fuel Tank

    18-Gallon Permanent Fuel TankRead More

  • Custom Petrol Tanks

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    Custom Petrol Tanks

    Read More

Homda Plastic is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various rotomolding, rotational mould and plastic rolling fuel tank in China. All roto mold products we bring here are made in China and with the most competitive price. Also, the customized production is supported in our factory. Please rest assured to place orders.