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Fuel Tank

  • Grease Trap

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    Grease Trap

    Grease Trap Removes all the fat and grease from your water Operates efficiently and effectively without the need to use any mechanical components Three chambers and venting system cools the hot water as it enters the trap allowing the greasy fatty solids to...Read More

  • 16 Gallon Water Tank

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    16 Gallon Water Tank

    Water Tanks These rotationally molded, plastic tanks are used throughout many different industries and in various applications. Our company has been an industry leader in manufacturing these plastic tanks for years and we have the expertise you need to provide a quality...Read More

  • Proprietary Tanks

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    Proprietary Tanks

    Proprietary Tanks Between the agriculture, construction and heavy truck industries, Homda plastic. manufactures several thousand diesel fuel tanks each month. In addition to rotationally molding the diesel fuel tanks, we also provide customized secondary assembly services...Read More

  • Diesel Tank 40Lt Cube Tank

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    Diesel Tank 40Lt Cube Tank

    Diesel Tank 40Lt Cube Tank Item Weight: 4.00 kg Height:350.0 mm Width:350.0 mm Depth:460.0 mm The diesel tank,plastic fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank is made of imported high quality PE. Performance advantage: Anti-seepage, Corrosion resistance, antistatic,...Read More

  • Roto Plastic Waste Bottle

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    Roto Plastic Waste Bottle

    1) The main material: imported PE raw materials. 2) Colors: Customized 3) Performance: One-piece forming, no weld or joint failure, smooth internal and external surface, excellent hygienic properties, UV stability for outdoor applications, anti-collision, strength and...Read More

  • Plastic Tub

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    Plastic Tub

    Rotational moulding plastic tubs applicated for Aquaculture, Horticulture, Commercial, Liquid Bunding. Made by high grade polyethylene. Extremely durable with a internal lip for greater rigidity.Flat walled and bottom tubs for greater versatility.Other colours and food grade...Read More

  • Rotational Plastic Flowerpot

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    Rotational Plastic Flowerpot

    Features: 1) The main material: imported PE raw materials 2) Common colors: orange, blue, green, white or black. You can order or decide on it 3) Performance: One-piece forming, no weld or joint failure, smooth internal and external surface, excellent hygienic properties,...Read More

  • Tanks

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    Integral, no seams, weld or joint leaks Ultraviolet rays provide long-term stability even under the harshest conditions of the sun Impact-resistant long life Lightweight No stress - stronger than plastic tanks made by other plastic processing methods Designed to contain...Read More

  • 450 Liters Square Medicine tank

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    450 Liters Square Medicine tank

    Molding: Rotational molding Wall thickness: 6mm Material: LLDPE Size: 850 * 750 mm Height: 870 mm Capacity: 450L Appearance: square Uses: chemical preparations, chemical raw materials, all kinds of oil, drinks storage, transportation Suitable temperature: -20 ° to +...Read More

  • Aquaculture Storage Tanks

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    Aquaculture Storage Tanks

    The use of new imported food grade acid-base LLDPE linear low-density polyethylene made. Acid and alkali, chemical balance. Welcome to consult details.Read More

  • Diesel Fuel Tank In Generator Sets

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    Diesel Fuel Tank In Generator Sets

    HOMDA rotational molding plastic diesel fuel tanks,UV resistant and high-impact, extra capacity, extra heavy duty.We use main fuel tanks connect the auxiliary fuel tank . The engineers at HOMDA Plastics, Inc. can help you design diesel fuel tank units from scratch or help you...Read More

  • Plastic Fuel Tank For Motorcycle

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    Plastic Fuel Tank For Motorcycle

    Thank you for visiting our website. We are a professional manufacturer of rotational molding plastic fuel tanks for truck,diesel tank for generator sets,for motorcycle,forklift engineering construction... Product description: material:XLPE weight:1.5kg volume:6L size:standard...Read More

Homda Plastic is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various rotomolding, rotational mould and plastic rolling fuel tank in China. All roto mold products we bring here are made in China and with the most competitive price. Also, the customized production is supported in our factory. Please rest assured to place orders.